All You Need To Know About newspaper

newspaper, a paper printed on normal basis, periodical in the corporate world. Also known as daily or weekend edition. It is published from the first day of a new week till the last day of the same week. It carries any story that may interest the readers and is generally written by the newspaper editors or columnists.

news paper

The date of printing of a newspaper is important because if the newspaper has a very short page size, then the newspaper will appear smaller than a normal page of a normal newspaper. A normal newspaper or weekend edition of any big city will have a front page, inside flap, and a table of contents. But the size of a newspaper is different from a normal newspaper or weekend magazine and hence they have a slightly different body of content. Most of the news papers also have a board of management which appoints a CEO and General Manager who are responsible for the running of the newspaper.

The major difference between a newspaper and a weekend magazine or even a local magazine is that the newspaper will not contain stories that are related to your personal interests. It is generally a news item, which is a must read news item. There is no fluff in these papers; every word is important and you won’t miss a single word. Most of these newspapers are published on the first and second day of every October and are sent to your home via mails.