High Fashion World – Where is it Really?

Fashion is the language of the streets, where fashion is spoken of with great derision and disgust. Fashion is one of the visual senses that we have all had to experience growing up; it is part of the social experience. It can be critical, intriguing, and exciting all at the same time. It is the language of choice for young people and is therefore an essential part of their style. As such, fashion is often misunderstood by many who mistakenly believe that fashion is merely dressing or styling in the same way as every other person is doing.


Fashion is actually a form of autonomy and self- expression in a certain context and at a certain time, of dressing, shoes, fashion, makeup, hair, and even body posture. However, in its most common usage, the word also means a trendy look expected by the entire fashion world. Just as certain fashion statements transcend cultural and economic boundaries, so do some fashion trends. The most famous designers and brands have generated billions of dollars worldwide from their high-profile but often controversial, fashion shows and fashion weeks. Much like there is a large difference between haute couture and haute culture, there is also a huge difference between what the general public perceives as fashionable versus stylish.

High fashion trends often dominate the runway, television, and magazines, but the truth is that the fashion world is filled with trends, fads, “trendy” clothes, and even sub-cultures. The differences between what people perceive as the hot items in the fashion world and the fads that are just starting to take off are vast. High fashion clothing crosses many lines of race, class, gender, and age in the world of fashion. Many young people want to look like the celebrities of high fashion, but because they cannot afford the clothes that these famous people wear, they try to create their own unique fashion style using clothes that they can buy at reasonable prices from retail stores or online websites such as those that sell discount clothing.