Types of News Paper

News paper refers to the periodical or daily newspaper distributed widely to all the people either through the door of the public library or through the door of the post office. News paper can be categorized in several ways, such as broadsheet and online news paper and also the electronic news paper. Broadsheet newspaper includes various sections like sports, entertainment, environment, education, international news, local news, political, sport event and others. Online news paper comprises various categories like latest news, religion, education, sports, finance, business and others.

This article attempts to give an idea of the broad variety of news papers available in the market for the readers to choose from and know the variety of information contained in them. On this page, discuss about the different possible term, abbreviation, acronym, full form and slang word of news paper generally existing in the world of newspapers. The full form of TODAY Newspaper is North East West South Pacific Time. It can also be divided into two parts, namely the Sunday edition and the Saturday edition.

Another important part of the news paper is sports section. The sports section is arranged categorically, as for example there are football, hockey, rugby, cricket, etc sections. It is one of the major features of any daily newspaper. Similarly the entertainment news is another feature of any newspaper. Entertainment news comprises movies, music concert, stage shows, cartoons, comic strip, theatre play, comedy act, music videos and other forms of entertainment.