What is OotD? Fashion You Too Can Wear

If you love fashion and have an eye for color, you might be interested in Ootd! An outfit of the day is a blog post that highlights the outfits worn on a specific day or event. They’re usually posted on social networking sites, like Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube, as well as several vlogs on YouTube. It’s an exciting way to stay current on the hottest trend around, or find the outfit that you’ve been dying to try. You can sign up for an outfit of the day through email, RSS feeds, or social networks.


The origin of OotD is fairly uncertain; however, most believe it was spawned from the original OotYahoo, which tracked the popularity of dressing up an outfit for an American school event. The term “ootd” has since taken on other forms, including an assortment of slang terms for clothing or accessories. Some examples include “owntod” for undergarments, and “ootd” for a blog post. The OotD blog itself has its roots in dressing up for school in America during the late 1990s.

For British fashion influencers, OotD has become somewhat of a self-fulfilling prophecy. British girls are known to obsess over outfits, and many are drawn to an outfit of the day that’s currently trending. The UKWIFTC blog is among the most popular UK blogs around, so British girls follow the trends as they come across them. OotD can be used as a form of fashion education for these fashion conscious girls, because they can compare notes with their friends online and learn from the trends themselves.