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Newspapers have been a part of our lives since ancient times, and as we all know, it has been a trusted source of information for many generations. One of the most famous newspapers in the world, according to polls, is The New York Times. Many consider it to be the first real newspaper in the world. The New York Times, together with many other major newspapers around the world, are published by the respected Sunday Times Company. In Japan, however, there is a different newspaper published, which is known as the Sankei shinbun, or the Sunday magazine. World Economy News Paper, or the World Economy News Paper as referred to in japan, is a special paper that is published worldwide by News Co monopoly, also known as the Seiji Shusui shi ka.

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Another form of this type of newspaper is a comic strip. The Sankei comic strip got its start in the year 1874, and it has been running ever since. It features a mixture of humor and entertainment, and was created for a much-coveted market: the young female readership. The popularity of this newspaper can be gauged from the fact that more than thirty million people in Japan read it each week, making it the most popular newspaper in Japan.

In the past, there were only a few manga versions of the comic strip, but nowadays the series have spun out into a complete franchise, which is published in thirty six volumes in total. The franchise has given birth to a number of movies, television serials, anime series, video games, and of course merchandise. Among these items are an animated series, two live-action movies, two television series, and numerous card games, figures, and PVC figure sets. As previously mentioned, the Sankei comic strip has given birth to a great many merchandising items as well. Sankei is a household name in the paper worldwide, and a great many people are probably familiar with one or more of the characters.