What Is A Lifestyle?

Lifestyle is the overall attitudes, behaviors, interests, and behavioral orientations of a person, group, or society. The word was first introduced by Austrian psychiatrist Alfred Adler in his famous book, The Case of Miss R. with the description of a young girl who was starved to death by her aristocratic family because she refused to eat vegetables. In the years since then, the concept of a lifestyle has come to encompass a lot more than just eating habits.


The basic idea behind Lifestyle is that people are not motivated by the same things, but rather by responses to situational stimuli and personal experiences that also depend on other people and their actions. Thus, the concept of Lifestyle has been extended to not only eating habits, but also ones to which we are exposed on a day to day basis such as clothing we wear, cultural beliefs and taboos we practice, beliefs about money and credit, attitudes towards health, sexuality, work and family responsibilities, and even political beliefs, all of which can greatly influence our choices. It has been noted that those who identify themselves as being a “lifestyle”, usually have a common vocabulary, culture, and social structures which allow them to talk about similar issues without the differences.

As an example, you may ask what is a healthy lifestyle, and I would say it is one in which your body, mind, spirit, and spirit are in balance. I use the example of a balanced life in this article because it is a very simplified description of what a healthy lifestyle is, but the idea is very true for most of us. The word lifestyle is often used in conjunction with another word, healthy, which refers to the proper functioning of all of our systems. Some would argue that a lifestyle is something that most of us do not want to be bound by because it is too rigid and limiting. However, you must remember that we live in a society in which people strive to find freedom and a sense of individualism. In most cases, that is what a lifestyle is; a pursuit of freedom, a more comfortable, less stressed out, and generally better balanced existence.