Fashion – A Fundamental Understanding

Fashion is a mode of autonomy and self-expression in a certain cultural and time-period and at a certain context, of dress, shoes, lifestyle, makeup, hair style, and personal body posture. The word itself signifies a fashionable look defined as what is trendy at a certain point of time. It is about dressing up with the latest fashion trends. The use of certain symbols like the mac, the Y-shaped triangle often used in men’s wear, or the plaid worn by women, both imply a certain fashion style and is considered stylish.


There are numerous other factors and aspects that are associated with fashion and its various trends and fashions such as the effect of fashion on the economic structure, fashion design, and social class, the impact of celebrities’ fashion, the impact of the media on the beauty consciousness of the public, the impact of fashion on the political structure, and so on. There are also many others like color schemes, hairstyles, body types, cultural beliefs and attitudes, and so on. These factors all have a deep impact on the way fashion is perceived and practiced among the marginalized communities. Fashion is seen to have significant impact on the daily lives of these people.

High fashion has also provided a significant influence on the way people perceive beauty trends. The object of adoration for some is the high fashion dresses worn by celebrities and the high priced items sold in department stores like Top Shop, Macy’s, and Neiman Marcus. For other people, high fashion fashions are perceived as works of art and their own form of expression.