Fashion Is More Than Just A Label

The word “fashion” is typically used to describe a new trend in clothing or a way of dressing, but it can also refer to the creative application of materials in clothes, the theatrical presentation of certain fashion aspects, or the systematic construction or wearing of costumes. Fashion is often perceived as a self-contained system that defines a specific style or “counterculture,” or a style which combines aspects from other styles. It is considered to have a social, cultural, and artistic significance in modern society. The term has no particular reference to any one group, style, or individual, though certain “types” have become prominent in popular culture.


Fashion is a sort of autonomy and self-expression in a certain time and place, and in a certain context and environment. In its more practical usage, the word often indicates a particular style or appearance defined by the fashion business as what is currently fashionable. For instance, if a woman wears a red skirt to a formal event, this may be seen as indicative of punk fashion or rebellious chic. On the other hand, a businesswoman may choose red for a more professional or conservative appearance, such as a white shirt and conservative leather shoes. In either case, it is the particular combination of garment, color, and style that are being evaluated, and judged.

In some cases, fashion is simply a label applied to current fashions and trends by critics, retailers, or others interested in the culture and people who are buying the items. In other instances, fashion is something a person identifies with or pursues, whether consciously or unconsciously. For many people, fashion becomes an important part of their lives which influences their choices in dress, personal hygiene, food preference, and so on. In addition, there are many people who simply enjoy looking stylish.