How the Fashion Industry Works

Fashion is the collective interpretation of a style or attire and its general trend. The word “fashion” actually refers to an array of styles, fashions, brands and designs, each existing within the larger field of art, literature, fashion and society. Fashion is often defined as a specific style or manner in a certain time and venue and in a certain context, usually of clothes, footwear, life, makeup, hairstyles, and personality. In its broader usage, however, the word simply refers to a generally accepted look defined by the fashion market as what is popular at the moment.


One of the major influences on fashion trends is the supply chain. High fashion designers typically come from wealthy families that buy their goods in large quantities, allowing them to afford relatively costly styles. Because they are unwilling to compromise on quality, these designers tend to create mass-produced fashions that are then marketed to the masses, thereby creating a large demand for the product. When designers produce fashions on a small scale with smaller amounts of capital, they can offer more variety and options to the public, thereby maintaining higher prices. As a result, when the fashion house needs to increase production to meet demand, it has to either cut back on costs or produce larger quantities at a lower cost.

Because fashion trends are driven by how many people want to have, not by how much they can actually afford to have, it is impossible to say whether or not a fashion statement will gain popularity. It is an ever-changing field that continuously reshapes itself in reaction to consumer demands. Even the most famous fashion designers are unable to make predictions about where the fashion world will go next, as every year brings a different crop of new designs. What is known, however, is that fashions that become popular on one platform can easily spread throughout the entire fashion world, taking over styles that were popular only a season earlier. It is this ability of the general public to share fashion information across various platforms that has made the fashion business one of the most financially stable industries in the world.