What Is the Meaning of Life?

Philosophy can offer many different answers as to the question of what is the meaning of life, it is my belief that philosophy is useless in offering any answers other than those offered by religion. If you really want an answer then I would urge you to seek out a philosophy of nothing, because there really isn’t one. The only philosophy of nothing that we have heard of all human cultures are religions and philosophies such as determinism, theists religion, utilitarianism and some sort of ethical theory such as virtue ethics or some other “right thinking” philosophy. Nothing is real is nothing is good and is worth living is a philosophy is just empty rhetoric to get you through life

about life

What about life is a philosophical question and we as individuals will have to find our own answers through our own research and personal experiences. The best philosophy I have ever heard as answers to the question of what is the meaning of life was from a philosophy called Nontopositivism which is sometimes described as a mixture of rationalism, naturalism and nominalism. This is not a philosophy of nothing, it is a philosophy of nothing that may seem to be a difficult concept to grasp at first but after studying it for a short period of time you will begin to understand that it holds valuable answers to what is the meaning of life and how to live.

If you truly want to know what is the meaning of life then stop using religious literature and seek out the answers you are looking for through common sense, logic, and experience. Philosophy is nothing more than an attempt by some to place beliefs into the realm of reality and in doing so hope to create a better future for us all. In all reality, life is meaningless and ultimately there is no meaning to it. We are all just floating in space attempting to evade detection and gravity while inside the vastness of space.