Why newspaper Is a Must to Survive in India Today

A newspaper (en noun) is a printed paper usually published every week or monthly in a major newspaper. News papers are meant to give information of general interest, normally from a national or local perspective. It may be written or oral and is distributed by the newspaper to all the readers who have subscribed for it. There is a news page on the first page of every newspaper and sometimes there is also a sports page which has the sports report of that day.

news paper

In most countries, a newspaper is considered to be one of the important references in everyday life. People depend heavily on the newspaper to know what is happening in their city and county, both in the country and locally. A number of newspapers have come up offering news services and now they are a popular choice among people for gathering news and information. It has been observed that the number of newspapers in India has been increasing from the past few years and now there are quite a number of news papers available in different cities in India, from Delhi to Chennai.

A large number of newspapers now provide online news and information through their websites. The online availability of the newspaper has made them quite easy to access and read on the internet. In the recent years, the online subscription options have also gained popularity and this has made newspapers even more convenient to read online. In October, there are around 22 newspapers available online. These are widely read by people across India for a number of reasons and that is the reason why we can say that a newspaper is one of the leading sources of news and information in the country.