Do You Know Where You Are September?

Information is the fundamental requirement for an organization. It is necessary to have information if any organization is to carry on with its work. Without information the smooth operations of an organization would come to a standstill. Information is the key that opens the doors to a number of options and opportunities. Organizations need information in order to take their decision in accordance with the prevailing circumstances.


Information is the first prerequisite requisite for the human race and so is essential for the smooth functioning of a society. Information is considered to be the most important unifying factor of all human endeavors. Information is also considered to be the cardinal law of science; in the light of which, it is considered to be self-explanatory. Information is the solution of all the questions raised by man. So information is considered to be the most important requisite of a healthy society.

The question, “Do you know where you are September?” is one of those interrogatories that are hovering around the heads of people who are involved in every sphere of life. This type of question is being asked by many, as they are not able to get clear answers from any of the current crop of candidates who are running for the highest seats in the national assembly. The idea behind the question is very simple, that the chief would like to know where the country is going in terms of its economy and development in the next September or two years or rather the entire year ahead.